a cats tale

Hi! I’m Ebony. It is so exciting to go on another vacation, of course mom and Michael go with me. He does the driving while mom and I chill. I love vacation food, that is what little I get of the restaurant food.

We traveled for a long time on this trip and finally stopped at Coleen’s house. I love Coleen. Not that man she calls Ray so much. He’s is always telling Coleen that he fears “Ebony is going to kill stinky”.

Now I ask you, do I look like a cat killer. They call stinky “trouble”. I do agree with that. I tried to play with all three of those animals. Two of them just jumped up onto the sofa, but stinky fussed up and hissed at me. She does that every time I get near her. I have to stay away from her, well mom makes me stay away from her. I may not hear well or see too good (darn these cataracts). Mom keeps me on a leash or pined in that little bedroom we all sleep in. I mean me and mom and Michael). We had, what mom told Coleen was a mexican standoff, whatever that means.

A cats point of view:

I was glad to see my mommas mom again, but I cannot believe she brought a dog into my house!!! How dare she do that!! Well, I showed that dog a thing or two! So there! The little beast was walking past my sofa and as she went past the sofa, she was just underneath me (I bet you thought cats do not know such big words). I just reached out my paw and thumped her on her head!!! Boy did that get a reaction out of her! I wish you could have seen it! She could not see me so high up, but she was looking all around for me.

Then the next day, my mom (Coleen) was so upset, sweet Ray kept telling her he feared Ebony was going to kill me Me! As if she could. Coleen came into the living room and took that dogs leash and dragged Ebony by the neck. Hee, hee hee. I loved it. Her mom did not like it so much, she was speachless.

Finally the day came! They all left my house> Happy days are here again!

This has been a cats tale



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