Sister Nedra Kay & me children make three.

Nedra & Roland had driven down from Denver Colorado, to be with us at Christmas, 1976 Charles was there also, he often was, not too terribly often. He had the farm to run, thank our God, Yahava.

Charles was standing in the street, dead in the street in the street, as we left to go somewhere. Charles saw someone he thought he knew with a group of men, down our little street. It was Edsel Wallin, cousin to Frances. He and the other men were working in Farmington, up from Silver City, now re-named Truth of Consequences. They lived in a very small trailer, and his wife Karry May had come up to be with him for Christmas.

Edsel and Karry May ate Christmas dinner with us.

Charles and Frances had divorced, she was in Cali8fornia living with Aunt Wanda Ruth and Uncle John, completing nurses training.

The rest of this story tonight.Patricia

Favorite Painting

I do love this painting, a tree with a lot of character. I  now have hanging where I see it every day. While I set my easel up near my car I painted sitting in a  huge industrial vacant lot in Bakersfield California, 1998.

In Bakersfield California, I was unable to continue working, with the loss of income of income, due to Roddericks dirty tricks plus a job at Sears. Rodderick had a ‘woman’ who called from John Garone’s Real  Estate office where we both worked, Doreen Lane. She kept him up to date kept telling about my life, who I went country western dancing with, my style of dancing. Dick also show me to rumba and other styles of dancing



.had stolen my car and sold it to a person he worked with, had me stalked late Christmas Eve. Rodderick had a woman who called him long distance after he moved t , California.o his new job at Pelican Bay


School days photos

Howdy Howdy Howdy! What a beautiful day here in Nevada. Michael and I love it here. Photos above are of my first grade and Four years of high school.

The first grade was difficult, Mrs. Southland humiliated me on a daily basis in front of my classmates. The little girls would not play with me out on that playground. It was pretty lonely out on that playground.

Frances knew this was going on and did not intervene on my behalf, until my third-grade year. Mrs. Bond taught third and fourth-grade class. She called Frances in and showed her I had klunked an I,Q.  test. Suddenly this was about Frances having birth to an idoit child. Wow! She got onto her high horse and she went to the principal office and told him about it. He immedately started commimg into my classroom and taking over the class. He would call on me approved when I gave the right answers.

As I was trying to survive and had started giving the opposite answer to what I thought was the right answer, therefore getting them wrong.


My very Favorite Dream scene painting

This is my favorite Holy Spirit led painting  Who leads me, as He does for all who know and love Him. I always have Gods Holy Spirit Who, leads me, empowers me with His wisdom and power. Viewing this painting brings peace to my soul.


Military Ball

Michael took me to a military ball shortly after we met, we already were aware that we were destined to be married partners for life. I had prayed for God to send me a good Godly man to marry and here he was. although  I did decline to marry him for a few months, I was fifteen years, four months older than him. I thought I would be saddling him with an older woman, who did suffer from arthritis in all of my joints, fibromyalgia, etc. He told me he would be older also (in a few years). So cute. We were married a few months later.

This is one of my few actual memories of my childhood. All of the farming community together in the early morning to help finish the barn building. I only recall the men working on the roof. That was because all we kids were playing in our own age groups,

I know we ate, eating is not in my memory banks, we kids were more interested in exploring the farm and playing together. All of my cousins were there, four of in the same age group of children, Norman Wayne, Donna Sue with her brilliantly, beautiful red hair and always with a  preoccupied mind, Douglas.

We all laughed when his mon told the family about his getting into the bathtub with his socks on. He always twisted his hair with one hand and it stood up.Douglas was slightly built and with allergies that kept him from working the crops. after I left my senior year, married he was a junior. When I saw him a year later he was six foot tall. He then went to the Albuquerque university, whereas a math student was the most brilliant minded math they had ever had. Uncle Joe bought him and wife Donna Kay, supposedly my best friend in high school, a two-bedroom house near the campus.

RODDY and I stayed in their house for a few days when his brother was in the hospital in Albuquerque. We were family after all. Uncle Joe was quite wealthy and Donna Kay treated me condescendingly, the poor relative sooo beneath her. Oh no! We were not.



Happy, birthday baby, one-year-old.

Marks first birthday, oh how good it is to have my very own cake.  what a wonderful bundle of love and joy our first child is. Bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh. Our joy and delight.

This child never walked, he ran, so full of the joy of life. He would run into the doorway leading the way from the living room into the kitchen, often had two or three small bruises on his forehead. I was nineteen years old and was actually worried he could suffer brain damage from doing that. How silly was that?

He was a great help with my Betty Crocker cookbook, actually not helpful at all. I discovered him sitting and tearing the index pages out of the book. I love and cherish that book so much more than I would have, had never touched it.


Painting of my son mark in 1969.

A watercolor painting Of my son. He was nine years old. Such a precious boy. How I loved him and of course, and still do. They say “a son is a son until he takes a wife until he takes a wife a daughter is a daughter all of her life” How true that turned out to be.

Mark was a straight-A student, captain of his football team and he and Coleen taught on one of the church buses, used to pick up children to bring church.

Mark has such charisma that other kids his and adults were always around him. him. He did not understand that. Being the captain of his football team through little league and school may have had an influence.” I do not know.

I called Mark several years and while we were talking he said,” Jacki and I pray for you”, indicating that I was a sinner who needs guidance and Gods forgiveness. I was so stunned by This statement, I was speechless. Oh well, that’s life. It can throw you a curve ball when you are least suspecting it.

Roderick (A.K.A. dufus) told so many lies about me to Mark. Mark is extremely intelligent, a  petroleum engine r Coleen said one story was how I had been the leader of a gang of sex perverts when I was a child. WOW!!!   She did not tell me any more of them and I did not want to  hear any more.

To be honest it was  Jackie, her mon Edith and the dreaded Roderick Garrett all working together to turn Mark against me. To be honest it was Jackie, her mon and the dreaded Roderick Garrett  (perhaps a child of satan, I cannot judge anyone only God can do that) working together to achieve that. Mark is always off in his mind and misses a lot that goes on around him.

After his son and a few years later daughter Tannis was born, we drove out to see all of them. People always ask if Coleen and I are sisters. Jackie, her mom,Edi lived with them, until Mark was able to buy her a house of her own. She was quite old and looked it. Tannis got into my lap, but Tyrell stayed away. He sat in front of Coleen and I, he would look at me and then look at grama, Edith and back at me with a puzzled look on his face. He did that all evening long.

Mark always sees what is going on with his children. This is what they used to prove that I had hurt his sons feelings.  twenty years later when I had called him, He was furious with me and told me how I had treated his son, saying Tyrel did not deserve to be treated like that. Not Marks fault, he was deceived but the hate filled three. Oh my, that hurt so much. I have not attempted to speak with him again. My bad.


New type of painting

I painted this painting at Blue Line art gallery and had to leave it there in Sacramento California. It is a pour painting I so enjoyed painting it.

Both of the paintings I painted that night were taken, two others were left, so another artist must have taken them. The receptionist who went to the manager’s office to get them came back to tell me they weren’t there. She brought two paintings. Her body language did give her  away. She was in great discomfort, no one should make a young woman lie. She just kelp her mouth shut as I protested’

The manager had to have told her the truth, I guess she had to.

I took one of the paintings that was left I should have taken both to make up for the expensive. I will gesso over the painting and use the canvas for another painting. Michael did shoot a video of me while I was painting this one. I was very angry.

I will look at this photograph to do another painting like it.